Terry, Kristen,
Parker & Kennedy
Show Barn Manager
Wacey McDuffee
Team Members
Jim O'Bryan
Kyle Patterson
Jake Stamant

PO Box 595
101 Quanah Road
Fort Gibson, OK 74434
(479) 462-1323

PKL Show Cattle is a family oriented program that produces and exhibits elite Maine-Anjou, Chi and Simmental based show cattle and club calves in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.  The name PKL Show Cattle is derived from the heart and soul of the program, our children Parker & Kennedy Lockhart. 
At PKL Show Cattle, we believe that the true success of a program is measured in many different forms, but specifically in the work ethic and morals the show cattle industry teaches the exhibitors.  The success in the show ring and pasture is the area of the program that is easily seen and measured, but the values that are instilled into every member and customer of PKL are what the program is truly based on!  Our program produces show cattle that are strategically mated for the traits that are demanded for show ring and pasture success.
Here at PKL Show Cattle we are committed to producing, marketing and exhibiting quality show cattle.  To become a part of the PKL Show Cattle experience, we encourage you to schedule a visit or contact one of our outstanding members.  We pride ourselves on our ability to retain customers and help develop show cattle exhibitors.  The areas of excellence that PKL Show Cattle offer isn’t just producing and exhibiting high quality show cattle, but the clipping, grooming, daily care and feeding knowledge that is available to all our members is an asset that is second to none.
Our mission at PKL Show Cattle is to take the cattle and the exhibitor to the highest level of success possible.  We enjoy the challenges of the show cattle industry and hope you enjoy the PKL Show Cattle experience.